Caravan profiles

A long development process lies behind the shaped profiles for Kabe, which builds caravans and motorhomes. Sapa has developed a unique aluminium profile in collaboration with Kabe. Now the companies are jointly developing new profiles for a variety of applications.

At first glance the aluminium profile that joins the roof and sides of Kabe’s motorhomes and caravans doesn’t appear all
that remarkable. Nevertheless, a great deal of complex work has gone into its design and function. Pierre Thuresson, from sales at Sapa Profiler, explains the background.

“We’ve been supplying profiles to Kabe for six or seven years now and we developed this profile together with them. The big challenge was to bend the profiles successfully, as the radius is close to the limits of the material.” A classic process of trial and error followed, during which many shaped profiles had to be scrapped before a solution was found.

“The project for Kabe has grown in volume, as well as being extended to other aluminium profiles. Caravans previously
used large amounts of plastics, which are now being replaced with aluminium,” explains Pierre Thuresson.

The partnership with Kabe has likewise led to more aluminium profiles being used in their motorhomes. In this case the roof rails are made from two joined profiles – one that is purely functional, which is then capped with a pair of anodised profiles that clip together to give the roof rail an attractive finish.

“Again, this profile was developed in close consultation with the customer. We have a large network of contacts in Kabe and vice versa, which facilitates development work and communication.” Says Pierre Thuressen.

Extract from Sapa Group’s Shape magazine.
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